withhold with‧hold [wɪDˈhəʊld, wɪθ- ǁ -ˈhoʊld] withheld PTandPP [-ˈheld] verb [transitive]
1. to refuse to let someone have something:

• I withheld payment until they had completed the work.

• Part of your salary is withheld for income tax.

2. withhold facts/​evidence/​information to refuse to give information:

• The computer giant has hinted that it has some big plans, but has withheld details.

* * *

withhold UK US /wɪðˈhəʊld/ verb [T] (withheld, withheld)
if someone withholds something from someone else, they do not allow them to have something they expected to have: withhold evidence/facts/information »

The director is facing disciplinary action after the inquiry found he deliberately withheld vital information.


The client's name and address have been withheld for security reasons.


withhold approval/support


withhold funding/payment

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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